Since 2016, I Help Top 6, 7 & 8 Figure Coaches, Consultants & Companies Attract More Leads & More Clients

I'm a Top 10% Global Closer, having invested well over 150,000 minutes talking personally to people from 90+ countries & made 7 figures in High Ticket Sales, closed just under 50% on all-time record and ALSO... achieved 8 consecutive high ticket sales before!

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"Kelvin is so damn good at sales & marketing… he was able to close consistently from 30% to 40% of all the people which is insane… he’s really really really really good! If you’re going to learn anything from Kelvin, he can teach you how to close sales very very very very well!"

Matt Pocius - World's Youngest & Highest Paid Consultant
(Helped him generate 7 figures in coaching revenue)


"Kelvin, thanks for all you're doing... and congratulations on leading the team at 57%. Pretty phenomenal man! Keep cranking it!"

Ted McGrath, Speaker & Best Selling Author
(8 Figure Coaching Business)


"Kelvin Chan is DEFINITELY among the best… this guy is super responsible, honest & diligent person… this guy can LITERALLY close any deal so if you’re looking for someone who can teach you a few sales & marketing techniques that actually work, Kelvin Chan is the one!"

Gia Porsha, Business Coach
(Runs A High 6 Figure Business Annually)


"If anybody wants any high ticket sales coaching, reach out to Kelvin… Extremely experienced in the high ticket sales world!"

Carradean Farley, Agency Business Owner
(7 Figure Revenue Business)


"With Kelvin’s strategies, I increased my sales 500%… you helped me to do my business with dignity and get results… I will definitely be looking to working with you again in future!"

Claudia Acha, Meditation & Peak Performance Coach
(Has A Growing & Thriving Business in Los Angeles)


"I spent many years travelling around the world working with Tony Robbins and sharing sales & sales strategies… but I gotta tell you… I had an experience with Kelvin Chan and Kelvin shared with me great
ideas to have me improve my own sales & marketing
strategy to make it better so…

If you get an opportunity to be able to spend time with Kelvin, DO IT…
his strategies, his passion & who he is as a person wanting to
help people is 2nd to none… so if you get an opportunity to
spend time with Kelvin, JUST DO IT!"

Scott Gass, Tony Robbins Peak Performance Strategist
(Travels Around The World To Speak & Impact)


"As someone who has coached thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, I can tell he really does understand what it takes and so I’d encourage you if you’re looking for business coaching to reach out to Kelvin Chan and have a conversation with him!"

Nicole Jansen, Leaders of Transformation
(Owns A Powerful Platform For Inspiration & Influence)


"Kelvin has been such a great asset... someone I trust, someone that has really good understanding on what relationship building is. He's authentic & knows how to communicate well with people to find out exactly what they need... great guy to have on your sales & marketing team!

I've been trying to have him on my team but he's so well wanted everywhere... it's hard to get this guy. I'm grateful for you... one of these days, we are going to work more together!"

Amin Emami, Serial Entrepreneur
(Runs Multiple Businesses)


"Kelvin was able to point out some tips and tools that greatly impacted my sales & how I'm sharing me with my audience...

If you are a 6, 7 & 8 figure business owner and you're looking for someone who can take you to the next level of your sales & your marketing I definitely recommend that you give Kelvin a call!"

Nancy Mueller, Life Sensei
(Empowers Women Globally)


"Kelvin is PROBABLY THE BEST CLOSER I have ever known in working in the internet marketing industry for more than 20 years now! His energy is sincere & it's love... He's a VERY RARE gem and if you have a chance to work with him, I recommend that you do so and I believe him 100%!"

Henry Gold, CEO of the Limitless LLC
(One of the few Original Internet Godfathers together
with Russell Brunson, Mike Filsaime, etc)

Coaching Business Owners To Get 5, 10... Even 15 Appointments With
Their Social Media Marketing (SAME DAY Results By The Way!)...

Kelvin Chan is used as a secret weapon in the High Tickets Coaching & Consulting industry

He has a strong proven track record for quickly helping top 6, 7 and even... 8 figure entrepreneurs scale up their business without having to hire more people or spend a ton of advertising

He has generated multiple 7 figures for himself and his students, partners and clients in a few short years

He has also personally coached people from 90+ countries with great success... and doesn't intend to stop anytime soon...