Hi, I’m Kelvin Chan. A human being aspiring to make the most of my time to create an impactful, positive difference to people & the world. 🙂

Professionally, I am an International Life & Business Strategist and the author of 48 Keys To Success – Stop Struggling, Start Winning which was first written in 2005 & updated in 2017. In it, I share keys from my life experiences, insights & epiphanies I’ve had.

I also authored Powerful Questions where I provide questions to assist people gain clarity for their lives.

I hold a Bachelor of Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology.

Previously based in Hong Kong & Australia, I now reside in Singapore where I’ve been for most of my life. I’ve also had the pleasure of traveling to nearly 30 countries worldwide and plan to visit many more.

My Biography & Content

From the age of 14, I’ve been involved with at least 12 distinct businesses. These range from selling t-shirts door-to-door to running a successful online leads generation business. I used to trade an international foreign exchange fund & have generated multiple 7 figures apart from it.

There has been media coverage for me as well as a young investor.

Running a super popular program @ The Ritz-Carlton, Singapore

In my mid 20s, I started managing one of the top personal, professional & organizational development companies in Singapore.

As the Services Director of DifferWorld Pte Ltd, our work has impacted more than 110,000 people globally.

These come from numerous top global MNCs such as Barclays, Cisco, Citibank, FedEx, IBM &  Starbucks and many government agencies. I relinquished that role after 7 tremendously insightful & productive years.

Recently, I’ve personally had the absolute privilege, pleasure & blessing of speaking & coaching 16 year olds to people in their late 70s. And they come from over 80 countries (to date) such as…


Over time, I’ve clarified my own dreams after being abused & kidnapped by my own dad in my childhood. It is my mission to assist people discover & use their God-given talents and be well developed to lead compelling personal & business lives.

To this end, I write on life development & business strategies. And endeavor to do so for the rest of my life.

My goal is to create principled-based content that awaken, inspire & empower you in your life & in your businesses.

My Beautiful Family

Love them to bits! Can you tell I’m crazy about them? =)

I am happily married to my gorgeous, virtuous wife Audrey for 6 years and she’s a doctor trained as a veterinarian. We have 2 young beautiful daughters Zoe & Jovie & 7 grand-children (just kidding on the last part!) =P.

As family is top priority, I invest every possible moment & travel a few times each year with them.

I am an active member of New Creation Church in Singapore where I have been since 1999. And am privileged to serve here as a leader since 2011. In this role, I was blessed to shepherd 100+ youths & couples ranging from 18 to 30+ years of age.


Privileged to share on stage with hundreds of people
Me & my youths in my home

Kelvin Chan’s Contact Info

Feel free to contact me and follow me on FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. I love meeting new people who want to make the best of their lives!

Kelvin Chan’s Site Info

For website or blog hosting, I PERSONALLY highly recommend SiteGround. They’ve provided tremendous, praiseworthy support ever since I moved from HostGator & LiquidWeb which I’ve been using for 14+ years.

And Finally…

If you desire to be inspired & equipped to start living your best life using your God-given talents, gifts & skills. And to build or expand your passion-driven businesses, I invite you to stick around! =)


Should you be interested to have more details about my journey so far (such as my own dad kidnapping me!), you’re welcome to read it in my 48 Keys To Success book.