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  • Get clarity for your LIFE, develop your MINDSET & boost your PRODUCTIVITY?
  • Build your personal BRAND & POSITION yourself strongly in the marketplace?
  • Turn yourself into a lean mean SALES machine?
  • Boost TRAFFIC & CONVERSIONS dramatically?
  • Experience the profitability of PERSONALIZED MENTORING?

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Kelvin Chan

P.S. I’ve been to over 100 programs & seminars & invested hundreds of thousands over the years in the very best life, mindset, leadership, business & personal development training available worldwide (e.g. Anthony Robbins, Dr John Demartini, T Harv Eker, Robert Pante, etc)… so do avail yourself to my services below!

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Knowing Your Identity, Fulfilling Your Purpose, Executing Your Mission & Pursuing Your Vision Clarity Coaching Calls ALL TRUE & LASTING SUCCESS starts with knowing who you are, your purpose & mission in life & also your compelling vision. START here and it will be one of the best investments of your life… 🙂

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$750 (5 hours over multiple sessions)

True Personality Pinpointing Call In just 60 minutes, I’ll reveal to you your personality type, your obsession, your greatest weakness, whether you’re growing well and even… your greatest gifts! $150 (1 hour session)

How To FINALLY Set Compelling Goals & Achieve Them Program It’s a fact MOST people who set goals crumble shortly after they start and fail to achieve them ultimately. There’s a science to setting compelling goals & achieving them. Get in touch with me and I’ll show you how! $450 (3 hours)

3Ps Productivity Explosion Method Get Kelvin’s personal Productivity Accelerator Coaching Method that will boost your productivity by LITERALLY… 200%-1000%? $300 (2 hours)

Structuring Your Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Schedules Coaching Calls Are you getting very little done & achieved? Systems & structures are one of my greatest strengths. Let me gift you with the framework I PERSONALLY use to structure my schedule in every time period… $450 (3 hours)


Webinar Presentation Creation Are you a world class trainer / coach / consultant looking to break into the online world and get a lot of new students / mentees? Enlist my help to craft out a VERY HIGH CONVERTING webinar that either leads to a high ticket sale or an application for further qualification

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Starts at $7.5k
Personal Compelling Branding & Positioning When you’re BRANDED, you’ll COMMAND higher rates for your products & services. Period!

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$300 (2 hours)


High Ticket Sales Funnel Design Designing a funnel that cranks out HIGH TICKET SALES (of $3000 per unit and above) can often be time & resources consuming… Get in touch & I’ll assist you craft out your OWN FUNNEL that works beautifully & profitably! Ask for QUICK quote
High Ticket Sales Secrets Coaching & Training Want to generate 6 to 7 figures a year… just from HIGH TICKET SALES? Get my proven recipe for making daily high ticket sales and having conversion rates of 30% – 60% from your prospects! Ask for QUICK quote
Secrets of Sales, Influence & Persuasion Coaching If you always wondered how some people can EASILY INFLUENCE & PERSUADE others to make themselves a very handsome income. Let me now divulge the secrets & provide you the coaching necessary to influence & persuade people ethically & VERY profitably! Ask for QUICK quote



Thriving Traffic Consultation Struggling to have solid sources of traffic for your products or services? Engage me as your partner and let’s make sure you have an endless stream of targeted prospects! Ask for QUICK quote
Crafting Your Compelling Funnel Consultation A strong finish is rarely a coincidence! Let me assist you clarify your funnel’s intention, contextualize the funnel for you & build your own COMPELLING funnel so it works just like a charm! Ask for QUICK quote
Designing Your Autoresponder & Follow Up Email Messages Sequence Consultation The best converting email sequences are properly thought out and crafted… Reach out if you want assistance on designing your autoresponder & follow up messages from the ground up and ensuring they hit & achieve your objectives every time! Ask for QUICK quote
Business Data Analytics, Interpretation & Evolution You’re been told time & again that business data is valuable and so you’ve collected them. Staring at the numbers, you’re struggling to make sense of it… much less interpret them for their significance & profitability.

Get my assistance on the psychology & significance behind those numbers, knowing what are your next steps in your business & implementing and executing well!

Ask for QUICK quote


2 Weeks 1-on-1 Mentoring Taster “Get My Feet Wet” Program Most people struggle for success… and the #1 DENOMINATOR is they lack a mentor who knows what they’re doing and who cares enough for them.

This 2 weeks program gives you a taster for how quickly my mentoring can assist you “get unstuck”, be inspired & obtain solid results!

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90 Days 1-on-1 Daily Mentoring & Accountability Program Experience 100% personalized & customized daily & weekly mentoring & accountability via daily reports with Kelvin’s unparalleled attention so you…

  • Become CLEAR about your identity, purpose, mission & vision
  • Get AWAKENED & INSPIRED to the greatness of your destiny
  • Have EMPOWERMENT in your life & business
  • Can have powerful, proven & productive plans, systems and roadmap for your LIFE & BUSINESS
  • Develop an OUTSTANDING & EXTRAordinary mindset that positions you ahead of the curve

P.S. You’ll also be having weekly Skype mentoring calls with me!

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Your Passion-Into-Profits Platinum Coaching Program Craving to turn your long time passion into a profitable business? Let me guide you on EXACTLY how you can do so! Got questions? Ask me…
Kelvin’s Ultimate & Intensive Life & Business Transformation The GRAND SLAM of my services… I’ll work with you INTENSELY & PURPOSEFULLY over an extended period of time to ensure that you’re HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE, PROFITABLE & FULFILLED in your life.

You’ll have access to my huge network of relationships (many generate upwards of 5 figures or even 6 figures a day regularly!) & resources.

Every secret & business mapping I use in my OWN 7 figures business will be SHARED with you in confidence.

And… You’ll be the ONLY client for this program during the mentorship period!

P.S. By Application & Interview Only. Clients are under NDA as well.
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Min $180k

What are you waiting for? I can’t wait to hear from you… 🙂