KC2: What Is Success To You? Episode

Just what is SUCCESS to you?

Let’s start this episode with 2 QUICK questions, shall we?

#1 – Just what is SUCCESS to you?
#2 – Have you ever SERIOUSLY taken the time to really ASK yourself this?

After speaking & coaching a wide spectrum of people from as young as 16 to around 80… from 80+ countries on a deep level, I found so many people want clarity on… which direction they should go telling me that…

People haven’t taken the time to define what SUCCESS is to them personally!


So they live unclear and waste precious resources such as time, money and energy

Now do you remember Lewis Carroll’s story on Alice In Wonderland?

Let me just share an excerpt with you…

Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to”
Alice: “I don’t much care where…”
Cheshire Cat: “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go”
Alice added as an explanation: “… so long as I get somewhere”
Cheshire Cat: “Oh you’re sure to do that… if you only walk long enough”

So here’s the POINT… We got to get clear on what SUCCESS is to us!

In the absence of their own thinking, people take on the general worldly view that… More money EQUALS TO… greater success. But is it ALWAYS necessarily true?


Don’t get me wrong… I’m all for a life of abundance with no poverty or lack. What I’m saying is we need to get clear on what SUCCESS is to you and me!

Living outside of our highest values is bound to cause misery & frustration… Make sure you don’t climb the wrong ladder while you’ve got the time. Don’t allow the world to define for you what SUCCESS is. Don’t let society dictate how SUCCESS looks like.

YOUR LIFE is far too precious for that to happen!

Here are some ideas for what SUCCESS could mean for you…

A deep intimate, spiritual relationship with God?
Great health?
An awesome physique?
Sporting excellence?
Having a loving family, being married and having kids?
Time for your loved ones?
Climbing to the top of the corporate ladder and becoming the CEO?
Financial freedom? Having lots of money?
Abundance? Material wealth?
Being able to travel all the time?
Impacting people, making a difference & leaving behind your legacy?
Being grateful & happy? Good emotional health?
Having a position of influence, being famous & well known by many?
Leading a quiet, peaceful lifestyle?
Doing well with your passion such as chess, dancing, etc?
Continuous daily growth & progress in your mission?
Et Cetera… the list is endless!

If I’m making money and doing something I’m not the least bit passionate about such as being in the beauty or weight loss industry then it would mostly be a waste of time for me!

In my case… the SUCCESS journey is about…

#1 – Assisting people lead compelling lives
#2 – Being profitable & fulfilled while delivering immense value by impacting lives
#3 – Having my marriage grow stronger & loving my wife deeper over time
#4 – Having time with my children and seeing them grow up to love the Lord & His people
#5 – Investing time with my family & loved ones
#6 – Growing in love & intimacy with God & becoming more Christlike

And NOW… it’s your TURN! YES, this is about YOU! Not about your parents, your partner or even the people around you.


Here’s YOUR exercise…

#1 – Take as much TIME as you need
#2 – Get & be clear on your HIGHEST values
#3 – Keep chiselling away at what success is NOT TO YOU
#4 – DEFINE success for the different spheres of your life

After you have done this, your life is going to start being MORE COMPELLING.

I GUARANTEE IT! Thank YOU for listening so far.

P.S. I can be reached at https://kelvinchan.org/contact/