“Kelvin is so damn good at sales… he was able to close consistently from 30% to 40% of all the people which is insane… he’s really really really really good! If you’re going to learn anything from Kelvin, he can teach you how to close sales very very very very well!” – Matt Pocius, CEO of Novum LT

“Kelvin Chan is DEFINITELY among the best… this guy is super responsible, honest & hardworking person… this guy can LITERALLY close any deal so if you’re looking for someone who can teach you a few sales techniques that actually work, Kelvin Chan is the one!” – Gia Porsha, Womanpreneur

“If anybody wants any high ticket sales coaching, reach out to Kelvin… Extremely experienced in the high ticket sales world!” – Carradean Farley, One of Australia’s Top Car Salesman & Personally Mentored by Grant Cardone

Kelvin Chan - Matt Pocius with Red Rect

Kelvin Chan - 4 Sales 2 Days With Red Rect

Kelvin Chan - Marvin Adam Sold Like A God With Red Rect

Kelvin Chan - Rahman Nur Crush Sales Skills With Red Rect

Kelvin Chan - Chris Flores High Closing Percentage With Red Rect

Kelvin Chan - Chris Flores 8 In A Row With Red Rect




Scott Gass
Tony Robbins Peak Performance Strategist

“I spent many years travelling around the world working with Tony Robbins and sharing sales & sales strategies… but I gotta tell you… I had an experience with Kelvin Chan and Kelvin shared with me great ideas to have me improve my own sales & marketing strategy to make it better so… if you get an opportunity to be able to spend time with Kelvin, DO IT… his strategies, his passion & who he is as a person wanting to help people is 2nd to none… so if you get an opportunity to spend time with Kelvin, JUST DO IT!”

Claudia Acha
Meditation Teacher & Healer

“With Kelvin’s strategy, I increased my sales 500%… you helped me to do my business with dignity and get results… I will definitely be looking to working with you again in future!”

Nicole Jansen
Leaders of Transformation

“As someone who has coached thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, I can tell he really does understand what it takes to live life powerfully and so I’d encourage you if you’re looking for life coaching and or business coaching to reach out to Kelvin Chan and have a conversation with him!”

Jack Tristao
Communications Trainer

“In talking to Kelvin, I’m ready to change my business to go to the next level… He’s one of the best trainers, coaches, experts in marketing to bring revenue to your business!”

Rev. Tom Hudson
Spirit Guided Entrepreneur & Founder of Birth Rite Technology

“Thank you Kelvin for not only the offer of your obvious marketing expertise but also for the respect, kindness & compassion you showed during our conversation!”

Bryan Gauthier
Marketer & Entrepreneur

“Kelvin Chan helped me get the proper map to reach my (business) goals… I HIGHLY recommend for you to get on a call with him. It’s one of the MOST life-changing calls I’ve ever done in my life and I don’t say that often! He’s amazing!”

Roy Tay
6 Figure Online Entrepreneur

Kelvin Chan - Roy Tay




Dr. Gary Tho

“It gave me new insights more than I had with other assessments that I’ve done… He showed me a growth path… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING & VERY, 
VERY INSIGHTFUL! Speak to Kelvin Chan!”

Ange Dove
Marketing Authority

“It’s AMAZING really as to what it can do for you… take the test not just for yourself but also for the key people in your organization. I RECOMMEND this system… it’s a business changer really!”

Lilin Kan

“I was really blown away by what Kelvin has shown to me… It has helped me to better understand myself & how to further improve myself to be the best!”

Dato Jonathan Lim
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Influencer

“It was so accurate… Kelvin was able to tell what’s my desire, what are the risks, what I can do about my character. If you want to know more about yourself, you should really look for Kelvin!”

Kaygarn Tan
Managing Director, Freemind Works

“Very excited because I’ve discovered a lot of things which I did not know about myself earlier… Will definitely benefit from this… HIGHLY recommend for you to talk to Kelvin!”

Jeremy Looi
Full Time Trader (FX, Futures)

“After I met Kelvin, I start to discover more about myself & my business… please talk to Kelvin!”

Claudia Acha
Meditation Expert

“It was an amazing session! Now I have more clarity as to what I should focus on in my life and I also have warning signs as to what things I should look out for… I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone looking for clarity to know about themselves better!”

Kek Chyau Yuan
Business Owner

“I’m able to find more about myself, reaffirm myself, know my strengths & weaknesses… if you are someone who is looking for an answer or why you react certain ways, you may contact Kelvin to know more about yourself!”


“Kelvin is able to tell me about my childhood wounds, my strengths & weaknesses and how I can progress and overcome the problems that I have… I’m sure you can have the same experience that I do so go ahead and look for Kelvin!”

Bhuvan Narang
I.T. Expert

“Kelvin was able to zoom in and find my exact personality type… and he helped me to focus on things which I need to do, help me to understand & realize things which I have done when I’m not doing good and things I do when I’m doing good… Was a meaningful session! Would recommend anyone to take this session for their own personality growth!”



Andrew Hall



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