Consumerism is on the rise folks and these days we tend to make purchases less consciously than before. And I’m not an exception as well … sigh!

Now before I get caught up and drift onto something off-topic, let’s discuss some reasons (this isn’t a complete list mind you) why people buy something (both online and offline).

1. They NEED it

This is a no brainer … we buy/spend on a lot of things out of necessity such as food, drinks and transport. Tendency though is that people will save as much as possible on something they need (correct me if I’m wrong)

2. They WANT it

Somewhere along the line … we began to spend a lot more on products and services that we want rather than what we need and these things include ipod nanos, fancy mobile phones, sexy cars and luxurious holidays. (Yes … don’t argue with me pls. A holiday is more a WANT than a NEED strictly speaking)

The above 2 reasons are simplification at its best because if we wanted to, we could have easily classified the reasons into at least 50 other reasons (such as the need for beauty, need for sanity, yakety yakety).

Ok, time for me to check out here as I NEED to go pack my bags now. I have to catch a flight in the evening to Paris and will be in Europe for the next 3 weeks. (Is this a NEED or WANT?) … I’ll attempt to make a post or two while I’m there. Laters all! =)

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