Hi readers,

Good day! 🙂

Am writing the following with the internet marketing newbie in mind (and quite honestly, those who have been around for a bit but are still struggling should find it useful).

As those who are making REGULAR good income will say, a good proper mindset is in order and required even before we actually come to the methods / ways / mechanisms, etc.

So here goes …

1) Grow Yourself As The #1 Asset

While you’re getting all excited about the experts and the gurus say build your list, build your list, build your list and I don’t discount what they say because that’s going to be one of your top assets if you’re planning to be around AND thriving for the long haul.

The most important asset I feel is … YOU.

Even if a big time guru gifted you with a 5000 strong list but you don’t know how to communicate or provide value, it would mean little to you.

However, if you’re always soaking up info and applying it, it won’t be long before you pull away from the crowds. And quite frankly, that’s where you want to be for the long run.

2) Take PERSONAL responsibility

No one, I REPEAT, no one is EVER going to be more responsible for your success than yourself.

Not even if you hired a $500, $5000 or $50,000 internet marketing coach. Sure they can play a huge part in “shortcutting” your journey to success but it’s ultimately you who would need to till your ground and build your business.

It’s not someone else’s problem to figure out what niche you should go into or to drive traffic for you.

10 years from now, this will ring true. Even 50 years from now.

So … if you’re not prepared to take PERSONAL responsibility yet want to change to an I.M. career from your 9 to 5 (because you hate it), I highly suggest you don’t.

3) Always Be Marketing!

Now if you’re planning to be an internet marketer, then you are going to have to be MARKETING. And if you want a harvest all year round, you need to always be sowing seeds.

Just like a good farmer who understands the seasons and times, you need to put in the hard yard and work your business.

Forget the pipe dreams of becoming an instant millionaire. That’s utter bullshit and rubbish. Might work in another dream universe but not on this planet.

Technology these days provides us with a great opportunity of not just connecting with people but delivering immense value by meeting their wants and needs.

With all said and done, if you’re spiritually, mentally and physically prepared to be all 3 that I’ve mentioned, congrats … you’re way ahead of the curve.

Now keep it going and be your best NOW! =)

P.S. What other mindset tips do you think would be useful to newbies seeking online riches? Feel free to share them.