Might share this in a video soon but for now…

5 Quick Tips For List Builders To Boost Results TODAY…


1) If your squeeze page conversion is 30%-40% and you’re doing lots of clickbanking, don’t you know the squeeze page conversion results that your partners are getting?

Go study and model after some of them especially if they’re above 50%, 60% or even 70%. (Don’t take CB results from 50 clicks with too much weight but for 100, 200 clicks ones, give it more weight)

For as long as you continue with your current squeeze page, you’ll be losing 20-30 subscribers for every 100 clicks. Not smart.

P.S. Same goes for your thank you page. Model after those who are getting multiple clicks per opt-in just from the frontend.


2) If you’re on paid traffic, aim to make back at least 30-50% of your investment on your frontend at the minimum. The rest of it + gravy can be make via your upsells, backends through your customer life cycle.


3) Make sure your squeeze page loads fast, I use https://WhichLoadsFaster.info (UPDATE: Please use a different service!) to test and compare. If your squeeze page is slow, you’re going to lose conversions not every minute BUT every second.

As a general guide, aim for no more than 3000ms.


4) Don’t be afraid to ask others for help but … PLEASE make an effort to be resourceful and have tried to solve your problem before asking others. Successful marketers are resourceful, independent people who think out of the box and are creative to structure things.

They aren’t afraid to take risks and make mistakes. And the biggest mistake is not taking any risk.

Read a quote the other day that says …

“There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone”

How true!


5) For your exit traffic, PLEASE get yourself an exit pop or some exit script. Most people’s squeeze pages don’t convert at 70% … which means for every 100 clicks, you’re losing at least 30% of the traffic IF you don’t use an exit script.

If you’re using CM (like I am), use their popup feature and use the Standard Exit mode (CM will advise you to use Intelligent Exit).

Which exit pop you use can mean the difference between you making a profit or a loss.

Also, if you’re driving traffic from multiple sources, please TRACK EVERYTHING and know which source works for you.

Trust this helps some of you reading it!

P.S. Just to inspire some of you (who aren’t big hitters yet), just some exit traffic income in the last day or 2 (315 exits, 94 conversions, 29.8% conversion, $145.70, $0.46epc … Not my best day but hey, better days to come!) … And mind you, this is just PPL… if you can stomach it, go for some CPA offers if you’re driving huge traffic into your funnel. See attached image.



P.P.S. Just 1 minor change or tweak to your funnel can boost your results by 10%, 20% or even 50%. Have fun testing and tweaking!