So today I decided to do a quick study on subject lines based on my follow up series across the different IM lists that I have and wanted to share them with you.

Hopefully, this will assist you get higher open rates, click rates and thus sales (HINT: It will be nice if you send a tip when you get extra sales from implementing any of the below … haha!)

Ok here we go (with actual examples)…

Tip #1) Use Curiosity / Ambiguity but not too often

+ “…, 3Ps & 3Ds”
+ “…, K, L & T”

Tip #2) Use Strong, Positive Keywords

+ “Welcome to…” (I’ve studied many of the 1st emails by major organizations around the world…)
+ “Free”
+ “Open”
+ “Personal Tips”

Tip #3) Avoid Negative Keywords / Phrase

+ “Your” / “You” (?)
+ “Final” (?)
+ “How To Truly” (?)
+ “Structuring Your Business” (Keep language as simple & casual as possible)

? – Means I’ve seen enough data to share this but would like to further test it

Tip #4) Using Your Personal Name

+ First time I used it, there was a dip in open rates (But after that it’s good ONLY if you’re delivering good value & using your name relatively often)

Additional Bonus Tips:

Tip #5) Use numbers in subject lines whenever feasible as they are specific by nature & people like certainty to a degree

Tip #6) Avoid using words your subscribers may not understand or be in their lingo

Tip #7) It’s not about you… it’s about THEM! 🙂

Now go apply and test.


Evidently quite a few people asked about the examples in tip #1. It wasn’t meant to be “deciphered” within the context of this sharing but simply to state the principle of using curiosity & ambiguity (but again, not too often).

As said, using these sparingly within the subject lines of my follow up series worked a treat in increasing open rates but I’ll share what these represent in any case.

They are…
3Ps – Passion, Performance, Purpose
3Ds – Desire, Design, Destiny
K, L, T – Know, Like & Trust

Here is a latest example of how top marketers like Russell Brunson use this principle:

(Bullet point) Boobs VS Oboma – which one wins?

Trust this assists. 🙂