A lot of you already know the importance of building a list in the niche of your choice and some of you have already been building a list for months if not years.

In this post, I’ll like to share and suggest an alternative way to making $$$ with your email list.


Now the thing is many of us (because we’re online marketers), only think ONLINE. And this leaves a lot of potential income to be made in the offline world with your online email list on the table.

And I’m talking about leaving hundreds, if not thousands and more potential dollars.

So here’s how this works …

Let’s say you’ve been building a list in the weight loss market and you’ve been hammering away your list with one info-product after another. One CPA offer after another.

Suppose you had a list of say 2000 subscribers (A number very achievable within a month!) and out of these 2000 subscribers, 500 of these subscribers are based in the United States, 500 in United Kingdom, 500 in Australia and 500 in New Zealand.

Do you think these weight loss subscribers / leads would be very valuable to the local gyms / fitness centers in these 4 different countries? Of course!

Now I’m NOT asking you to sell their emails to these companies because that would be wrong. But what you can do is approach the marketing teams / people of these fitness centers and let them know you’ve got 500 leads which you can help send out a trial membership or offer to.

Think they’ll respond to you? I think so. And if not, just move on to an alternative gym / fitness center.

And if they’re skeptical, do you think you can structure a deal with them that’s pay per performance?

Now get busy and start thinking out of the box by offering alternative ways of providing value to your subscribers! =)

P.S. Many of you are less than 50 emails and 5 calls away from profiting another $2000 or more.