I’ve been wanting to share this for quite a while already … but it took me till today to do so. Ok, i’m sure some of you reading this are pretty good with domain names yet there are others who have never registered a domain name before and are looking to get their first.

Generally speaking, there are 3 main criteria I look for in choosing and deciding my domain names.

My Criteria:

The domain name should on some degree be …

1) SEO-able

2) Brand-able

3) Memor-able

On the first point of the name being SEO-able, a name like “sdfkjwelk” is not SEO-able (per se). If you intend to have a site on fishing, you should have related keyword/s in your domain name (if you want it to be SEO-able that is).

2nd point on being brand-able are names like eBay, FaceBook and so on and so forth.

When we talk about memor-able as the 3rd point, we meant that the name should be catchy if possible.

Ok, till we meet again! God Bless! 🙂