Ahhh …. good old article marketing has been bringing in a steady trickle of traffic to all of my sites so far.

Have you started on article marketing yourself?

If you aren’t acquainted, article marketing may sound like a big word but it basically means that you write (you can outsource this if ya like) up some article and submit it to one or more ezine directories like:

– EzineArticles

– ArticleDashboard

– SearchWarp

– And so on and so forth …

With proper article marketing, your readers unconsciously treat you as an expert. And with that, you can pre-sell and get them to opt-in, etc.

Article Marketing is simpler than you think. All you got to do is write. However, the key point here is to be consistent. I know of just a new guy who made $800 in his 1st month by simply writing and pumping out 500 articles in his 1st month.

Granted, the pay off wasn’t great but let’s not forget these articles can work to give you a residual income which is pretty great because you want to be paid multiple times for a one-off effort.

So if you haven’t got started, WHY NOT START NOW? 😀