Hi friend!

If you’re currently building a list (which you should as a smart marketer), then you’re sending a lot of traffic down through your sales funnel right?

Did you realize you can leverage areas in your funnel to get more click traffic, simply by swapping links in your funnel with others?

These areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Product download page
  • Subscription thank you pages
  • 1st & Follow up autoresponder messages
  • Links in any of the AR (autoresponder) P.S. messages
  • Anywhere in your broadcasts (including of course your P.S.)
  • Links inside pdf reports, video pages, blog posts, any additional content
  • Links contained in zip files

These areas drive massive amounts of traffic on a daily basis assuming you’re building your list on a daily basis too!

Put another way … if you’re always building your list but not utilizing these precious spots, then you’re wasting loads of free traffic.

Does this make sense?

Now go be a smarter marketer and target those precious areas for additional 100+ clicks a day (and thus these should in turn drive additional income for you!).