Hi Friends!

If you’re using AWeber and encountering tons of unsubscribes on a daily basis, I’ve got a suggestion for you to reduce it and in the process, enhance your email open rates.

In a bid to genuinely help my “would be un-subscribers” see value in what I’m doing, I’ve created an unsubscribe graphic as follows:


When your “would be un-subscribers” see this, a certain % will still leave nevertheless. However, a portion of them would read what you have to say and if they have the slightest bit of trust in what you’re communicating to them, they WILL respond to you to get the help they need.

It is at this point that you respond with all you’ve got to genuinely assist them (and even turning them to a resource that they need without expecting any thing in return – financial or otherwise).

When this happens, you’ve not only reduced an “unsubscriber” count but you’ve gained an advocate for the business you’re in.

How long does this take?

Not more than 15 mins (at max)!

Trust this helps you. 🙂