Hey reader … would you agree with me that in these modern days we get hit and bombarded with information overload from just about every single direction (top, left, bottom, right … you name it)? I mean c’mon, we typically get 100s (if not thousands) of emails each week (from God knows how many inboxes we have), not to mention tons of leaflets in our mailbox, books unread, tons of to-dos unfinished, etc, etc.

Get the picture? (It’s not a pretty one that’s for sure)

And it can be pretty overwhelming and daunting isn’t it? How would you like to gain a little more control right away and start breathing better and in the process, become more optimal and productive? If so, i like to suggest my M-O-O method (can you say mooooo?).

M – Minimize – Remove unimportant clutter (a.k.a rubbish) and the likes of it

O – Organize – Sort them into categories that fit into your personal model (all of us have different organisational styles)

O – Optimize – Re-position these things (be it emails or physical items)

Pretty self explanatory I hope. Let’s use a typical work or office desk as our example.

First, what you wanna do is to remove some of that clutter and less important stuff. Second, you simply re-organize and place them into categories (stationary, etc). And finally, you optimize how they are placed and positioned.

And almost instanteously, you should feel more energized and in the process, more optimal.

Hope this helps ya! =) (Don’t procrastinate now … get to it!)