ALWAYS be marketing!

ALWAYS be producing content! (And think MAXIMUM LEVERAGE)

The Principle of “1 More!”

ASK lots of questions – But only to those who know what they’re doing!

ASK what are the really successful ones doing that you’re NOT?

Big rocks, small rocks – FOCUS on the really important things THAT MATTER, and after that you can fiddle with the less important things if you like (As someone has said before, don’t MAJOR in the MINOR)

Work ON your business, not IN your business (At the start, work IN and as your progress, work ON)

Get really organized!

Leverage and maximize every asset & resource!

Don’t do something just for the sake of money. If you’re not prepared to go in for the long term on something, you’re wasting your time!

Perfection kills dreams

Negotiate everything!

Dissect your content in consumable portions for the masses

Experts don’t try to do everything. They get really good at a few things (and usually exceptionally good with 1)!

Learning to say no to other attractive opportunities (e.g. white label businesses, etc) is such a big part to someone being successful with what they do. Don’t try to do too many things half baked but rather a few well.

The magic lies in doing something you’ve never done before

Principle of profit – Buy low (Clickbanking & Funnel clicks) & sell high (Solo ads)

Marketing is all about … growing your garden (enhancing the asset) & telling people about your garden (creating awareness of your asset)!

In creating content, ask yourself “Would I be attracted / drawn to that? Is it valuable for people?”

Grow yourself as the #1 asset

Take personal responsibility

If you’re doing something right and profitable, DO IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Until such time, slow down and tweak things till they are right.