KC12: How I End Each Day Of My Life In The Evening Episode

A lovely morning, afternoon or evening to you depending on the time you’re reading this!

In the last episode, I shared how I PERSONALLY start each day in the morning and how some others start theirs.

If you have yet to listen to it, I would strongly encourage you to do so before this one.

Now in this episode, I will share with you how I end each day in the evening, what I do, my simple routine, etc.

While many are beginning to get their morning routine more empowering, it’s also important to have a great routine just before you sleep at night.

As they say, it’s not just how you start but also how you finish. This DEFINITELY & CERTAINLY applies here.

Now a lot has already been said in the last episode so I’ll keep this particular episode really brief and dive straight in to my usual evening routine.

My Usual Evening Routine

Each evening, I invest time with my children. Either playing or talking with OR teaching them. Once they’re pretty ready to sleep, the lights will be turned off. And together with my lovely wife, we’ll pray over ourselves & our children, tell them a bedtime story or two.

Creativity comes into play here… remember that the lights are already turned off? 🙂

And in the last moments before they fall asleep or perhaps fallen asleep already, we’ll sing a lullaby or two. I’ll then write my goals down on my journal, review my week’s priorities, decide & pen down my top 3 priorities for the next day including any other major task I’ll be doing.

Once that’s done, I’ll have a simple time of reviewing & reflecting upon my day. This might include thinking about how to further develop myself, my life & my businesses which has caused me to sit up excitedly on many a night… 🙂

I will also take time here to feed myself not with physical food… but mental “food”. Either watching an educational video, listening to an audio or reading a physical book, an eBook on my Kindle or an article.

Occasionally, I’ll get more work done depending on whether I’m heavy with projects.

Final Thing

As a final thing, I’ll head to the bathroom, get my teeth brushed, my tongue scraped, my feet washed and head for bed. Turn flight mode on for my phone and take a moment to thank my Lord for the day before I lull myself to sleep.

And just to give you a sense of time, after my kids are asleep, it will be around 2 hours before I head for bed.

As we close this episode… just want to remind you as before that what’s right for me in terms of my specific routine is most likely not the best for you. So you’ll need to experiment and explore to see what’s useful in your case.

Again, do give a fair amount of time to make it happen…

For now…

Do you have any set nightly routines? If not, why not have one?

It will assist you from having decision fatigue…

And if you already have one, is it working out well for you?

Think about how you’ll like to improve upon it…

And I look forward to hearing from you.

God bless! 🙂