KC13: The Dangers Of Not Investing In Ourselves First Episode

In this episode we’ll talk about the dangers of not investing in ourselves first.

Do give your utmost attention over the next few minutes because what we cover here can LITERALLY CHANGE your destiny forever.

Can I ask you…

If you feed yourself every single day?
Do you take the time to work on your dreams, goals & visions?
How much time do you invest working on yourself?

You see…

I’ve come across a lot of people who don’t see themselves as an investment.

Let me assure you that… You ARE your LIFE’S #1 BEST ASSET!

And this is what I’ve been sharing with people… over and over again from 80++ countries.

Your best asset cannot be your stocks. It cannot be your cryptocurrencies. It cannot be your real estate investments and it is NOT EVEN your children if you have them.

And it definitely isn’t ANYTHING ELSE!


Yes… YOU!

Now don’t get me wrong… here’s the thing…

Why Invest In Yourself FIRST?

When you invest in yourself FIRST, one of the most wonderful effects is…

The people you love & are closest to you are blessed.

Far too many people have got the wrong priorities… they have got it in the wrong order.
And too many people are squandering their time and opportunities every single day.

Did you know that Warren Buffett, the American business investor finished reading all the books on his father’s bookshelf? And once he was done with that, he consumed ALL the investment books at the local library. And he did this at a very young age. The rest is history.

How’s that for investing in yourself first and early?

As for Dr John Demartini, the best selling author & international educator, he has so far read over 30,000 books from multiple disciplines. And continues to do so every single day of his life whereas most people have never even read 100 books yet.

I could go on and on…

One study shows the average to be just a measly 4 books each year.

So here’s the truth… if you are willing to buckle down and invest in yourself as early as possible in your life, the odds of you doing better than most and having a better life are going to be MUCH higher.

And Here’s The Thing…

It’s not really about bettering ourselves against others.
It’s REALLY about realising the HUGE potential in us…

By the way… investing in yourself first also means that you place a high priority on your overall health (spirit, soul & body) and you take excellent care of it.

Interestingly… when men buy new cars, they’ll take extra particular care over it but often neglect themselves.

People would also invest inordinate amounts of time poring over their stocks & real estate investments.

And so… the danger of not investing in ourselves first is we’ll tend to fall into the group of the masses where Henry David Thoreau says… is living a life of quiet desperation.

Where dreams and visions are not realised, debts seem to never get smaller and endless frustration & disappointments are experienced.

Having spoken with & coached so many people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and even in their 70s… I know this to be true over and over again.

Best Ways of Investing In Ourselves

So what are some of the best ways of investing in ourselves first?

#1 – Seek Out Strong Mentors, Leaders & Coaches

Because leadership changes EVERYTHING!
Changing the President or Prime Minister in a country GREATLY impacts it…
A father GREATLY influences the atmosphere within a family…
And a strong mentor GREATLY elevates an individual’s life…
I’ve had many mentors and continue to make sure I do in the most important areas of my life.

Around the start of 2017, I engaged a new mentor and paid him 5 figures just so I continue to UP MY GAME.

#2 – Surround Yourself With Successful People

People are most likely going to be the product of the environment they are planted in.
And let me ask you… what do good parents tell their kids all the time?
They tell them… “Be careful who you surround yourself or hang out with!

Why is that?
Because sociology tells us we become like the people closest to us.

Birds of a feather flock together… don’t they?

Look at these eagles & lions. They don’t hang out with chickens, do they?

I really like what Dr. John Demartini said. He said… “You simply cannot put your hand into a pot of glue… and not have some of it sticking on to you”.

As a last note…
If you find yourself the smartest in any room, you’re in the wrong room. So do be conscious who we hang out with every day.

#3 – Feed Yourself Every Single Day

And I’m not talking about physical food. Of course we need to feed ourselves with good physical food but I’m talking about mental & spiritual food here.

Did you know it is said that… Warren Buffett reads some 500 pages a day? No excuses!

There are no lack of good channels to avail ourselves to. You can read physical books or digital books using the Kindle. Podcasts & audiobooks are available even while you commute to and from work or school every day.

Whenever there’s an audio version of a book, go with the audio ESPECIALLY if it is narrated by the author because it is enhanced with the original intent & energy. I would also suggest attending conferences, seminars & programs having been to over 100 myself.

So let’s do a quick recap of the 3 ways…

#1 – Seek Out Strong Mentors, Leaders & Coaches
#2 – Surround Yourself With Successful People
#3 – Feed Yourself Every Single Day

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up, I hope you enjoyed this particular instalment.

If there’s ONLY 1 thing I’ll like for you to take away from this episode, it is that…

You are the ONLY guaranteed investment in life… Remember this!

And when you awaken to this truth, the rest is relatively automatic and plain sailing. You’ll start to do what’s necessary to grow yourself intentionally, purposefully & systematically.

If you’ll like to start investing in yourself or want to grow even faster and you’ll like some direction or assistance with this, reach out to me now.

I’ll love to play a part in your journey UPwards! 🙂