KC23: How Your Environment Greatly Impacts Productivity, Learning & Play Episode

Are you looking to boost your productivity?

Wish to enhance your learning?

Do you know your environment plays a big part in how productive you are and how well you learn & play?

In this episode, we’ll discuss how our environment affects us and how changing a few key elements can increase our productivity & effectiveness in learning!

Here’s a fact…

Having a great environment at our office or home or wherever we are is crucial to us being more alive, energized & focused!

As I’ve mentioned before, EVERYTHING matters!

Heightening Awareness

Have you ever noticed yourself being uncomfortable or even feeling nauseous being at a certain place?

On the other hand, notice some places are really relaxing and helps you be creative and focused?

Colors amongst many other factors also play a huge role in how we respond.

If your environment isn’t aesthetically pleasing to you, chances are you won’t enjoy being in it.

Some time ago, I was based out of home working on my projects. And as the weeks and months went on, I noticed that I got tired and sleepy more easily and my productivity kept falling.

Me being me, I couldn’t allow that to happen. As such, I started experimenting being at different locations to do my work and eventually found myself at the main local library.

I found it to be tremendously conducive personally and realized that my productivity shot up more so than at any other place I’ve ever been at.

Since then, I’ve made it my working base if you will and it’s been working superbly well for me.

Personally, I rather commute to an environment which allows me to be REALLY productive than struggle and fight just to be focused. I also know others who go out of their way to have a productive environment too.

Just to add on, a few days ago, at the time of this recording I should add, my wife and I moved things around our living room to have a different & fresher look.

In the process, we created more space and allowed our kids to have more room to play in. Thus making it a happier environment for everyone.

Truly the environment we are in affects how we work, learn & play!

A Series of Questions

Let me now go through a series of questions so you can answer them for yourself to heighten your awareness of your own space.

Here goes…

When it comes to looks & lighting…

Do you prefer lots of light or less light?
Do the colors around you vie for your attention…
Or are they supportive of you focusing?

As you might be aware, colors play a big part in how we feel.

When it comes to lighting, do you like… natural light or artificial light?

As far as sounds go…

Do you like being in a completely quiet environment?
Or do you prefer some ambient noise?

Are you more productive with… some light music or without it?
Are there crying babies or children around you?

As for smells, air quality & temperature…

Do you like having a certain smell to aid you in being focused?
Or do you rather it be neutral?

Are you too near the bathrooms or the kitchen?

Is it too stuffy?
Do you prefer natural air?
Do you feel too cold or too warm?
Or is it just right for you to stay energized and alert?

Regarding your posture…

Is your chair or sofa too comfortable resulting in your loss of focus?

Would standing upright help you be even more productive & alert?

And Finally…

When it comes to people…

Do you enjoy having no one around you?
Or some people within sight?

Bear in mind there are many other factors as well such as…

Furniture layout and design

Presence of plants
And even floor to ceiling height which is definitely a factor for me…
The greater the height, the better I feel!

As we end this episode, I trust your awareness of your own space for work, learning & play has been heightened.

Is your environment aiding you in doing what you need to be doing?

If not, it’s time to tweak some of the elements in your space or completely redesign it from the ground up or go elsewhere so you can thrive in your environment.

I appreciate you listening to the end and I can be reached at KelvinChan.org 🙂