KC27: Beat Procrastination By The Power of The Unbroken Chain Episode

Has procrastination been your Achilles heel?

Do you want to beat it & boost productivity?

In this episode, I’ll share with you a powerful proven strategy used by myself and many others to successfully ensure what’s important to us gets done on an ongoing basis be it daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly

Having worked with & coached many, I’m fully aware people generally have good intentions in taking action and making progress for themselves

However, more often than not, these good intentions do not translate into actual intended actions implemented

Why’s that?

It could be due to lack of hunger or focus or simply because of daily distractions

The Power and Strategy of the Unbroken Chain To Bear Procrastination

Regardless of the actual reasons, what we want to concern ourselves with now is finding a possible solution or test a strategy for this

This is where the power and strategy of the Unbroken Chain comes in

Many years ago, a young man called Brad Isaac found himself in the same club which the ultra successful comedian Jerry Seinfeld was at

Being humble & teachable, Brad asked Jerry for any words of wisdom for him to get success

Jerry shared that he uses a large visual calendar and for each day after he completes his writing, he gets to draw a nice red letter “X” over that day

As you can imagine, after a couple of days of doing so, you’ll have a nice row or string of red crosses or “X”s

Here’s what happens psychologically, when you start doing the above, you’ll want to keep it up and build consistency

Drawing that little cross each time is like a reward for yourself and the other 
thing is, you’re like playing an accountability game 
with yourself

Anyway, coming back to Jerry…

This is his secret behind his spectacular consistency. The entire idea is to NOT break the chain hence the Power of the Unbroken Chain

Also the ancient Aristotle says… “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Areas in which we need to pay extra attention to so we can perform better, produce more and accomplish our mission more easily

How I Personally Use The Power of the Unbroken Chain To Beat Procrastination

Curious to know how I use this in my own life?

One of my weaknesses has been being consistent with my own water intake. I have tended to be more consistent on weekdays but not over the weekends so creating a variant of the unbroken chain for myself, I targeted to finish at least 2 full bottles of water each day. Each around 900 millilitres or 30.5 ounces

Here’s a photo to give you a sense of it…
Do ignore the letterings I have on it
As they are markers for something else

How You Can Beat Procrastination Using The Power of the Unbroken Chain

Want some great ideas to use… the Power of The Unbroken Chain for yourself?

If you are constantly running out of money and have no idea how your finances are used up, you can use an expense tracker and draw an X each day you do so. I started tracking my daily expenses over 10 years ago

Do you need to consume more water like I do?

You can implement something similar to what I’m doing

Are you lacking daily exercise?

Desire to read scriptures daily?

Need to be more consistent with your work production?

Want to begin writing your goals daily?

These are all challenges that you can use… the Unbroken Chain for.

Whatever is IMPORTANT to you and wherever you’re lacking consistency, USE IT!

Work on your weaknesses when you’ve got the luxury of time and use your strengths when you don’t!

Today or as soon as you can, pick up a lovely big calendar and implement the strategy we have just looked at.

Don’t procrastinate!

There are lots of options under $10 and this creates great leverage for you

So my question to you now is…

How are you going to use the Power of the Unbroken Chain and beat procrastination going forward?

I look forward to hearing from you!