KC32: Why Work-Life Balance Is A Stupid Fallacy & How To Deal With It! Episode

Have you been attempting to have work-life balance for a long while?

What if there is a much more empowering way of making sense of it?

In today’s episode, I’ll share why it is a myth & in a sense, a misnomer

I’ll also address the heart of the subject and how you can possibly embrace the entire issue

And at the end of this episode, I’ll share secrets to achieve a more high performing, profitable & compelling life… which is the real goal of work-life balance really

While I’m well aware this topic can be rather divisive, let me state this from the onset…

Agreeing with me is a waste of time… disagreeing with me is also a waste of time

What’s more important is to be open to a different point of view and see how that might serve you in your present life journey

After all, an open mind is only useful just as with an open parachute!

Ok so let’s begin by looking at just what work-life balance is all about…

There are multiple ways of defining work-life balance

Work-Life Balance

For the sake of keeping things REALLY simple and having ease of understanding…

Let’s work on the premise that work-life balance is ultimately about having 50% and 50% on the weighing scale in terms of time allocated, mindshare & energy invested, etc

While there are endless models & frameworks in which to segment your life, let’s look at a particular one which has 7 key areas

#1 Your spiritual life or quest

#2 The mental part of you

#3 Your vocation, business, career or job

#4 Your financial health

#5 Family life

#6 Social and play life

#7 Your physical health & vitality

A couple of questions for you at this point…

Is your work more important than your family life?

Are your finances more crucial than your spiritual quest?

Is your physical health more valuable than your social life?

The answer differs from person to person depending on their hierarchy of values and even when people say it’s equally important

When push comes to shove, between any 2 areas, they will be able to pick one

With the level of modern life complexity, little wonder do people want the illusive work-life balance

Work-life balance itself suggests a person’s work and life are mutually exclusive and completely separate

However, for way too long, people have been looking at it incorrectly

A Different Perspective

Work-life balance isn’t what we need…

Work-life integration is way more empowering & it’s what we are looking for

We can make it work by integrating them well

Not doing so will cause you to have no peace of mind

Again, do understand that there is NO perfect balance

How can there be when life’s nature has its ups and downs… twists and turns?

And everyone has different priorities and are at different stages in life

Would you like to have 5 nuggets of wisdom to achieve an empowering work-life integration and have a more high performing, profitable & compelling life?

5 Nuggets of Wisdom for Work-Life Integration

#1 Invest precious time to go for walks in solitude and be clear on your purpose, mission and vision

Also getting clear on your HIGHEST values is the way to go so that when any life transitions occur to you, you are aware of your strongest anchor and you simply have shifting priorities for a season or period of time

If you’re spiritually inclined, pray to God about it

#2 Juggle less balls. Figure out which areas of life are TRULY important to YOU!

Rather than struggle to juggle 7 balls, drop 3 or even 4 of them and begin to focus on the 2 or 3 that really MATTERS!

Prioritize your time & manage your energy well

#3 Reduce or even eliminate typical time wastage such as…

Tv watching or game playing unless it’s for a profitable intention such as bonding with family

Even then, moderate yourself! Wisdom will tell you this

#4 Get productive by structuring your life better, scheduling well & creating time budgets

You will do well by personally working with a mentor or coach on this

#5 Create personal targets so you know you’re…

Making actual progress towards a more compelling work & life integration

As we wind down this episode…

What specific changes or tweaks do you need to make in your own work & life?

What immediate pivots need to be undertaken so you can better integrate your life & work and have a more productive, prosperous & compelling life?

Feel free to share your thoughts with me at KelvinChan.org

I’ll love to hear from you!