KC33: How To Enrich Yourself While Consuming Social Media Feeds Episode

Are you aware the average person spends between 2 to up to 9 hours a day on social media?

And do you know most of it goes towards YouTube, Facebook & Snapchat?

These are based on statistics available as recently as 2017 and the trend is set to ONLY go upwards!

Translated into a lifetime, that’s more than 5 years of our lives…

This trails only watching television at almost 8 years of irrecoverable time

Just imagine this!

Pretty astonishing & staggering, isn’t it?

Is it any wonder why we’re distracted, struggling to focus & be productive in this day & age?

The problem has escalated so furiously we’ve invented terms like “Phantom Vibration Syndrome” or ringxiety which is perceived vibrations or notifications from a device that is not really vibrating

And maybe someday not too far away people will be using the term “notificationism”?

Anyway… in this short episode…

I’ll share why we need to become conscious of our social media feed and how to transform consuming it into an enriching time for ourselves

Some years back, at a year end retreat, I was sharing with & reminding my closest inner circle we need to truly GUARD OUR TIME and what we do with it wisely

Want to know the reason why?

It’s simply because who we become in time is the primary result of the people we associate most with and what we consistently feed on such as news, books and these days, certainly social media feeds as well

Time vested with X means you can not use it on Y

You can be assured over a lifetime 2 to some 9 hours of social media use a day is going to have a significant & serious impact on people’s lives

Why We Need To Pay Attention

As we progress through life, many a times, we unconsciously get caught up and even obsessed with news, events and happenings elsewhere that have little to no bearing on our own lives

And when we are unconscious, there’s NOTHING in the world we can do about it

Conversely, if we were to use these 2 to 9 hours a day wisely, we will unquestionably become more high performing, wealthier and lead more compelling lives

The first part is really about awakening and that’s what I’m endeavouring to do here with brevity

Surely not everything we come across has value for us and as such, we need to take a proactive stance & curate what we consume

With this said, would you like some practical tips to transform your social media feed into an edifying & enriching time for yourself?

Practical Tips To Enrich Yourself On Social Media

If so…
#1: Be clear on your current mission, priorities, goals and focus
#2: Consider scouring thru your entire list of Facebook friends and decide…

Who you should “Follow First”, set as “Default” and even “Unfollow”

Apply a similar idea towards your use of YouTube, Instagram and any other social media platform you’re involved in

Over time, people enter into and exit out of our lives depending on each others’ values and priority

There will be people whose lives depend on your leadership and also people who you see as leaders & mentors of your own

#3: Set a time budget for how much time you should be on social media each day…

Don’t allow it to run & overwhelm your life

And don’t be on it all day long unless you’re using it productively & profitably for business

#4: Place your social media apps on the 2nd or 3rd page of your phone apps will likely limit your use of it

Don’t ask how I know this! =)

#5: Revisit these steps periodically… like once every 6 months

When these are practised, social media time is not wasted or merely spent, it becomes time well invested

As we wrap up, let’s self-audit on how much we use social media each day

And if using it is assisting us be more productive, prosperous & fulfilled

At the end of the day, either social media uses you or you use social media intentionally & enrichingly!