If you’ve been around and have built your own dot-coms for quite a while, it probably is safe to say that we hear about webmasters complaining about the lack of good domain names all the time. Back then, I bought that line of thinking for a while but it simply served me no good.

The problem is … it makes you lazy and trust me, it won’t force you to be innovative when thinking about your next domain name.

Good news is … somewhere along the lines, I’ve already gotten rid of that belief. Fact is there are still plenty of good (if not excellent) domain names that are waiting for you to be registered for either your own new website’s purposes and even for speculation.

Just 2 days ago, I was able to register yet another domain name which in my opinion was an awesome domain name. I registered internet-marketing-affiliate.com!

Some weeks ago, i had done my research and had a shortlist of names which I felt were pretty good. One of them was weight-loss-cure.net. I had ideas as to what I would do with the domain name if it was mine. For some reason or other, I did not register it. Only reason I can think of was because of INACTION (or what we would normally term as PROCRASTINATION) . Indeed, procrastination is one of the biggest causes of failure (i’ll be the first to admit that I’m a victim of it).

Anyway, back to the topic. Some days past (since I checked weight-loss-cure) and sure enough, one morning as I got up to check on my shortlist of names, lo and behold, someone had already registered it while I was in “another world”. It was the classic case of “you snooze, you lose“. I was slightly pissed.

So here’s what I suggest, if you’ve been wanting to register a domain name for some time now and have not done so, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? And if you’ve been giving yourself excuses such as “there are no more good domain names left“, start wearing your thinking cap and get to work. There are LOTS of excellent domain names (as there are lots of pretty single ladies) that remain unregistered till today.

Remember … you snooze, you lose!

P.S I’m going to put up the 1st of keyword studies some time next week so look out for that!