How does everyone keep their solo ads, funnel click buys & clickbanking business organized so you have an overview to things?

For me …

The main way I keep an overview is by using an Excel spreadsheet.

On it, I’ve got 8 groups of rows each detailing:

1) Link out name (as used in my tracker)
2) The name of the person I’m working / dealing with
3) Clicks sent by me (For clickbanking)
4) Clicks for me to send (For clickbanking)
5) Clicks for me to receive
6) Clicks received by me (For clickbanking, solos & funnel clicks)
7) Link in name (as used in my tracker)
8) My opt-in rate
9) Remarks

As for the 8 groups, they are:

1) Generally don’t deal with again (E.g. Very low opt-in rate from them – Sub 30% or incompatibilities while working)
2) Completely completed
3) In Progress – I’ve received & to finish sending
4) In Progress – I’ve received & to start sending (currently not queued)
5) In Progress – I’m almost done receiving & yet to send (Over 40%)
6) In Progress – I’ve hardly received anything & yet to send (Under 40%)
7) In Progress – I’ve sent & to finish receiving
8) In Progress – I’ve started sending & yet to receive

Apart from this, I’ve got 3 rows to sum up:

1) Total clicks for me to send
2) Total clicks for me to receive
3) Difference (I.e. 1 minus 2)

So that’s how I keep myself organized and have an overview.

Am sure it’s not the smartest way of doing things but as at time of writing, this works for me because I’m very hands on and want a firm grasp on numbers because all of marketing is about numbers. (Reminder: You can’t improve what you can’t measure)

So … how do YOU stay organized? =)