First things first … have to apologise for the lack of updates the last 3 weeks. It’s just that I’ve been cashing in on my first Clickbank check and been building up on the momentum which I’ve built in the initial weeks.

Ok back to business … I know a lot of you are raring to earn some decent income online and some of you are easily earning a lot more than me but for those who aren’t earning a decent dime yet, let me ask you a question …

ARE YOU SUBSCRIBED TO A LOT OF OPT-IN LISTS? (The alternative and equivalent question to that is … HAVE YOU BEEN BUYING A LOT OF EBOOKS AND REPORTS?)

If you answered yes to that, I’ll like to suggest something and that is … you’re under a huge illusion. You see … it wasn’t too long ago that I subscribed to newsletters after newsletter and buying reports after reports. For a while, that made you feel good because you thought that you were increasing your actual bottomline.

Well … yes and no. You were only increasing your potential bottomline but UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY APPLIED ANY ACTION to the knowledge you gained, all the new found information is worth a grand total of … ZILCH, NADA, ZERO.

Do you get me?

So if you’re still with me so far and would like to take a suggestion from me, do the following:

1) Start pruning the number of newsletters you’re subscribed to and if it helps you at all, unsubscribe to all of them

2) Decide on a strategy out of all those information you’ve gained from newsletters and reports

3) Start biting the bullet and start working on pumping those content out (I like to call them “money buckets” since all of marketing is a number’s game IMO)

Ok … enough from me for now. Time to get back to my projects. I’ll post up some photos of my check in my new post ok? Stay tuned all! 😉