KC26: Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 Episode

As 2017 ends and 2018 begins, it’s not uncommon for people to set goals for the new year and unfortunately throw in the towel within the first few weeks of the new year. Failure is cumulative and so is success.

If you REALLY want to know why and are desirous of THIS year to be a “Different new, different new” rather than a “Same old, same old”READ ON!

What I’m about to share is unlikely to take more than 7 mins to read and COULD potentially impact the course of your 2018 and beyond.

Having spoken & worked with many people all around the world for years, I’ve learnt many people fundamentally know they are born for great things and are meant to live an abundant life (whatever that means for each individual).

I recall a deep multi-hour conversation I had with a 60+ year old American last year in which he shared with me personally & privately how he is currently living a life of quiet desperation and that he knew from young he was born for an incredible life. However, the truth is that his reality is SO FAR from the vision he has for his life.

Each year, people flip the proverbial page and set goals only to realize after some time those goals aren’t really important or fulfilling to them and they have once again wasted their time.

How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Year After Year

If this is TO BE AVOIDED, allow me to suggest some simple steps to take…

1) First things first, take precious time to go for walks in the park / woods / beach and ask yourself HOW YOU’LL LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED (during & at the end of your life) and also figure out your personal PURPOSE, MISSION & VISION no matter how much time it takes. If you’re spiritually inclined, do go to God and pray about it.

This is the BEST way I know on how to avoid climbing wrong ladders or mountains. And also to make time your friend rather than your enemy. Think long term.

2) Grow in consciousness and awareness of your own personality, values, strengths & weaknesses, inclinations, etc. A good book that comes to mind is the late Peter Drucker’s Managing Oneself. It’s a great investment of one’s time and you can complete this within a day or two.

3) Get clarity on your HIGHEST values. Not your parents nor your spouse’s. YOURS! Recommended book is Dr John Demartini’s The Values Factor. A quick way to get started is to list down the people you admire (specifically the top traits they exemplify).

4) Define what SUCCESS is and IS NOT to you. Not the world, media or society’s.

Your Next Steps

Also, reflect back on 2017, be BRUTALLY truthful and ask yourself…

1) What worked well & didn’t work well for me this year? (Study your past patterns. History contains valuable lessons. Make the result your guru as I learnt over 12 years ago.)

2) What’s the GREATEST difference that matters to me going forward?

Once done, ask & WRITE down…

1) What are some simple steps to take NOW to ensure my 2018 is going to be my best year yet?

2) Who are the 5 to 7 people I need to meet asap & talk to create new possibilities?

3) What targets do I need to set NOW to consistently gauge my progress?

Writing forces us to clarify what’s on our mind and to have critical thinking skills.

Going Forward In 2018… And Beyond

If you’re married, keep your partner in communication.

After you do the above, it’s virtually certain you’ll have a more COMPELLING life going forward.

For now, I trust & hope this is useful to you.

Here’s to an INCREDIBLY healthy, restful, purposeful, productive, prosperous, fulfilling & blessed year ahead for YOU & your loved ones!


P.S. Let’s MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT… not just the new year. All we have is NOW.

P.P.S. Truly it’s goodbye 2017, hello 2018!