KC34: How To Really Maximize Your Given Talents & Gifts Episode

Are you aware of your unique given talents & gifts?

If so, are you maximizing the use of it to lead a compelling life?

In today’s episode…

I’ll affirm in you that you definitely & certainly have got uniquely given talents others may not have

We’ll discover what they could possibly be…

I’ll also empower you to know how you could steward & maximize them lovingly, powerfully & wisely so that once you know what your talents & gifts are, you’ll know exactly what to do…

And that’s when the whole world opens up to you… LITERALLY!

Now without any over-complication, a talent is simply defined as a special natural ability or aptitude while a gift is something bestowed or acquired without any particular effort by the recipient or without its being earned which I believe is given by God

Your Talents & Gifts?!

Have you considered what your talents & gifts are?

Do you know exactly your list of them?

Before you start saying you have got none whatsoever… let me share this…

Having worked with tons of people all over the world from as young as 16 to around 80, I don’t care what anyone tells me…

I’m ABSOLUTELY convicted of the fact that everyone’s got their own talents & gifts…

For many, it’s simply waiting to be awakened, inspired and empowered

If you’re someone who has got an idea or inkling of your talents & gifts and should you not be satisfied & fulfilled by what you do, it could likely be symptomatic that you aren’t using your talents & gifts that you’ve got

It’s a feedback mechanism to tell you you should be doing something else

At this point, I’ll give some pointers on how you can discover your talents and gifts and thereafter empower you on using & maximizing them as mentioned earlier

How To Discover Your Talents & Gifts

So how does one go about discovering their talents & gifts?

For some people, they tend to be more self-aware than others…

The rest simply need to be open to what others may affirm in themselves like family members, friends & colleagues

Be bold to ask the people closest to you and especially leader figures

If you have a mentor or coach who knows you well, that would be excellent!

My main mentor told me years ago I was very good with talking to people in person and over the phone

It took me some time to acknowledge this

One key way to know quickly is to attempt & take on varied roles in your organization, social circles and even in your church ministry if you belong to one

If you enjoy reading, a good starting point in discovering your talents and gifts is to read Peter Drucker’s Managing Oneself and Dr John Demartini’s The Values Factor

Questions To Ask Yourself

Let us take the next minute to go thru some simple questions to stir up an awakening in you should you be struggling with this…

Do people enjoy & thrive under your leadership?

Are you fulfilled whenever you conduct any teaching?

Are you very good with details and have administrative & organizational skills?

Do you pay close attention while photographing or doing videography?

Is persuading others & gaining people’s trust easy for you? If so, sales could be your talent…

Do you come alive in the arts scene such as music & dance?

Are you great at building things with your hands?

Are you skilful at encouraging and inspiring people?

The list is endless…

Coupled with the target audience you have on your heart such as the youths, adults or the elderly and you’ll have a sweet match!

Some of my greatest talents & gifts are strategising, creating content, mentoring people… and sales!

I look forward to know what yours are… 🙂

3 Simple Keys TO Maximize Your Talents & Gifts

Once you know and actually OWN your talents & gifts, how can you maximize them?

Here are 3 simple keys…

Key #1 is really to fully acknowledge and own your talents & gifts

You don’t need to be the world’s #1 to use & serve others with them

All you got to do is be gentle with yourself and treat your talents & gifts with love & respect

Key #2 is to be clear about your purpose, mission & vision

That’s when you TRULY come alive and are awakened to your life’s greatest possibilities

And finally key #3 is…

To be ABSOLUTELY diligent and consistently use & hone your talents & gifts

If you have an opportunity to use them every single day, all the better!

That’s how you develop yourself well over time

As we close this episode…

Let me share some worthy quotes…

“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” – Benjamin Franklin

“A winner is someone who recognises his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” – Larry Bird

“One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is to help them find their talents.” – Sean Covey

And lastly… Romans 11:29 says “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable”

You’re meant to shine in this world…

Start owning & maximizing your given talents & gifts NOW!