KC7: Your Delightful Destiny Episode

So in this episode today, we’ll recap on your identity, purpose, mission & vision. And see how it all powerfully relates together to form your delightful DESTINY.


If you have yet to check out my last 4 episodes on identity, purpose, mission & vision.

I STRONGLY urge you to do so NOW because it forms the very foundation here.

If you have already listened to those 4 episodes, let’s dive right in…


A Brief Recap…

So let’s start by recapping these 4 simple and powerful words…

Identity, Purpose, Mission & Vision.

IDENTITY… is about WHO you are, who you’re being, how you see yourself as your self-image, how you BRAND yourself.

PURPOSE… is your reason for living or existing, is your WHY behind what you do… is long term or even lifetime and usually doesn’t change.

MISSION… is about WHAT you actually do that fulfils your purpose… and this may evolve over time.

VISION… is about what you aspire to… about WHERE you are going or headed.

Now let’s look at DESTINY

The word destiny was first used in the mid 14th century. Destiny is defined as… something that is to happen or has happened… to a particular person or thing; their lot or fortune.

It is also defined as… the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events. The sense is of “that which has been firmly established,” as if by fate.

And why should we be surprised about it?

When you are clear & you know your IDENTITY and you are going about fulfilling your PURPOSE

When you’re MISSION focused & executing upon it consistently which in turn allows you to pursue your VISION… leading to your DESTINY.

And let me add this IMPORTANT KEY at this juncture…


Your identity, purpose, mission & vision are ALL tied in to…. your talents or your gifts. So it behoves you to be clear about your talents or your gifts.

Now I hope & trust you’ve at least got a “draft” identity, purpose, mission & vision… having gone through the last 4 episodes with me.

Don’t worry about getting it right or perfect the first time round… that’s not the point.

As you go through life… as you invest more time getting clear about them… and perhaps even engaging someone like myself to assist you, your identity, purpose, mission & vision will inevitably get clearer, more concise and certainly MORE compelling!

Putting It All Together…

Now it is time to put together & combine your identity, purpose, mission and vision.

Ready? 😀

Here’s how we’ll do it…
[Your IDENTITY] who lives to [Your PURPOSE]…
by [Your MISSION] and seek [Your VISION]…

Here’s a simple example…


[I am a stay at home mum] who lives to [raise healthy & successful children]… by [investing love, time & resources to educate & tend to my kids regularly] and seek [to see them as powerful & meaningful contributions to society].

Another example…


[I am an inventor-entrepreneur] who lives to [make a global impact]… by [inventing useful everyday products] and seek [to enhance the quality of living for people everywhere].

And here’s mine…

[I am an International Life & Business Strategist] who lives to [impact lives]… by [assisting people lead compelling lives]… and seek [to be the leading voice to assist people live compellingly].

See how it all relates together powerfully? 🙂


By the way… it used to be the case where only organizations have a vision statement but that’s no longer true.

More and more individuals are starting to have a vision statement for themselves because we’re in the days of social media… Of building BRAND YOU… where individuals are looked upon as personal brands.

As we bring this series to a close, I encourage you to go over them again one episode at a time. And use this opportunity to refine your identity, purpose, mission & vision. Because without it, there can be no chance for a COMPELLING life.

If you’ll like to chat, you can do so by going to KelvinChan.org.

Finally, it has been an absolute pleasure & privilege in sharing what I have… I certainly hope it has been helpful to you… 🙂

All the best with your delightful DESTINY!